Shinken Shobu Game

Shinken Shobu – Duel of Blades: Unsheath Your Destiny

Step into the world of samurai warfare with Shinken Shobu – Duel of Blades, the strategic card game that brings the art of the duel to your tabletop. Craft your strategy using specialized decks representing your warrior’s body movements, mental acuity, combat stances, and martial schools. Will you opt for the raw power of a two-handed sword or the swift versatility of dual-wielding blades?

Key Features:

  • Strategic Depth: Master the synergies between stances (Kamae), martial schools (RyĆ«-ha), and your warrior’s actions.
  • Authenticity: Immerse yourself in a game that honors the rich tradition of Japanese sword arts. Created by a Classical Japanese Swordsmanship teacher.
  • New Mechanics: Unleash devastating two-handed attacks or bedazzle with the speed and confusion of dual-wielding combat.


Outwit and outfight your opponent to reduce their Health Points to zero. Your choices, your strategy, your duel.

Prepare for a battle of wits and blades. Are you ready for Shinken Shobu?

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