Through Hell And Back WW2 Bomber Card Game

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Through Hell And Back
B-24 Bomber Card Game

Welcome to Through Hell And Back! Step back into the heart of World War II and experience the compelling and perilous world of piloting a bomber.
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Above are dice and cubes that you will need to play the game.‚Äč

In Through Hell And Back your strategic decisions, crew management, and piloting skills will determine each mission’s success and your crew’s safety.

Sitting in the cockpit, you can feel the uncertainty in the air. The mission briefing has just concluded, and you know that the success of this operation is crucial for the war effort. Your target awaits; a heavily defended enemy facility that must be destroyed, or rendered unusable. But beware, enemy interceptors, mechanical failures, and dreaded flak defenses will test your mettle every step of the way.
Will you navigate skillfully through enemy territory, win over the waves of hostile fighters charging at your bomber group, and drop your payload on target with precision? Will you effectively manage your crew, utilizing their expertise correctly, and make critical decisions under pressure? The mission’s fate and your crew’s lives depend on your skill, courage, and strategic choices.

Choose the crew for the appropriate bomber, select your missions and assemble the appropriate mission deck determined by the respective mission. Missions are flown by drawing and resolving the mission cards. Combat is performed by dice rolling and allocating certain ammunition dice.

But be prepared for the unexpected. The skies are dangerous, and damage to your bomber is inevitable. Can you manage critical systems failures, repair damages, and tend to wounded crew members while keeping your aircraft in the air?
As you embark on each mission, the risks are high, but so are the rewards. Completing precise objectives, minimizing casualties, and returning your crew safely will allow you to bring out the ol’ lady for another mission and be one of the best.
Strap in, pilot. It’s time to test your skills, courage, and resourcefulness in Through Hell and Back. Take command of your bomber, navigate treacherous skies, and make history with each successful mission.
Good luck, and may the deep blue go easy on you.

Gamecrafter Edition

PnP Edition

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Alternate Crew Cards (Extras)

10 Alternate (optional) crew cards (Novice).

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